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A lifetime ago, my father dragged me into the Buy-Here Pay-Here industry. I found the early day teenage experience of being a lot-boy to be most disgusting compared to my personal vision for my life to become a doctor. However, I applied myself to learning everything I could about all operations starting out with our grungy old first car lot and financing worn out cars for bottom tier credit customers. Then, after having financed more than 35,000 customers in our multi-location family business over a twenty-year period and having learned more than I ever envisioned possible about used-cars and credit challenged people, I decided to venture off on my own into indirect-lending.

The next ten years were much different and a better environment, but never-the-less ever more challenging. In the end, my publicly-traded NASDAQ finance company had financed in excess of 50,000 lower-subprime customers and we sold the business for a fraction of its peak valuation ($225,000,000), much to my dismay. Considering all that I had learned in three decades, in late 2002 I determined while doing consulting work with a good number of BHPH dealerships that the BHPH industry was in great need of a more quantitative and meaningful way to make BHPH credit decisions. My company, AutoZoom, has since become nationally recognized as synonymous with BHPH underwriting, scoring and analytics.

Since 2002, AutoZoom has gone through five major development phases. Our most recent release, AutoZoom ANGL, is by far the most robust and user friendly version yet.

Our Goals:

AutoZoom was created in 2002 to accomplish five goals:

  1. Design our system to feel familiar to BHPH underwriters on the frontend and keep it simple and user friendly regardless of how complicated the technology needed to be on the backend.
  2. Design our system in such a way that dealers can, with minimal concern, remove themselves from hands-on day-to-day underwriting and know what is working and not working through the use of scoring and BHPH analytics.
  3. Develop AutoZoom using the most leading-edge programming language available at all times.
  4. Aggregate all data in the AutoZoom data-base enabling our company to continuously build the most effective scoring models possible.
  5. Keep AutoZoom affordable for all dealerships regardless of dealership size.

Our goal was to not only create an underwriting solution but also a powerful online SaaS that would empower dealers to expand their businesses to five or more locations without losing control of a most important area in their business . . . underwriting.


AutoZoom frequently trains dealership underwriters not just on how to use AutoZoom but how to do their job of managing risk better. We have become a source for owners/employers, as well as employees, to learn new things without embarrassment or fear. I have yet to meet a dealer who wants to be the only underwriter responsible for his or her multi-location dealership. Most dealers enjoy buying and selling vehicles but prefer to leave the underwriting to key employees. However, lack of dealer participation in underwriting usually equates to ignorance of the many important factors regarding day-to-day challenges of underwriting which ends up costing the owners. AutoZoom ANGL allows employees to become very capable and consistently effective underwriters in short order. The fact that important underwriting information on every applicant is logged into AutoZoom scoring models enables dealership owners to easily learn which employees did what and when, helping them to correct any problems and to use the knowledge they gain through our BHPH Analytics to keep underwriting on the right course for their company.


It is not surprising when dealers say to us, “I have my guys trained the way I like underwriting done, I am not interested in scoring”. When it comes to scoring in BHPH, dealers don’t usually possess the risk tolerance perspective needed to consistently and most accurately assess their customer’s creditworthiness or unworthiness. And, failing to embrace unknown factors could be the very thing that holds your dealership back from reaching its full potential.


My understanding of dealership operations helps me appreciate the need for compliance. We consult with some of the best legal firms, – well informed in the automotive business -, firms such as Hudson & Cook LLC. AutoZoom ANGL provides our dealers with the ability to defend their underwriting practices when it comes to Federal Regulations. Our SaaS also enables dealerships to issue Adverse Action Notices compliant with regulations.


Dealerships can all expand their footprint and become more competitive and profitable by using AutoZoom ANGL. We strongly believe in the old adage “If you can measure it, you can control it”.  I hope we get the opportunity to prove our worth as we gain your business, and more importantly, your trust and friendship when you become a Zoomer.

Thank You,
Scott Carlson 
Founder / Managing Partner

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