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AutoZoom Promotes Testimonial Builder

AutoZoom today announced plans to introduce their Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealer clients to a unique social media-powered video testimonial app offered by Testimonial Builder, Inc..  AutoZoom is recognized as the BHPH industry’s best underwriting guide...

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AGORA Announces Partnership With AutoZoom

Agora Data, Inc., a Texas-based provider of technology solutions for the financial services industry, announces its partnerships with market-leader Auto Loan Technologies, LLC dba AutoZoom to expand the suite of services available to the buy-here, pay here dealer community.

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Parachuting Into Buy Here, Pay Here

Five guys with $1,000,000 each could be parachuted into any five states in America to start their own buy here, pay here dealerships, and within five years, they would all have designed their BHPH businesses in the same way. Not because they shared strategies on the...

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BHPH: What Big Money?

  According to, the typical buy here, pay here dealer produced a $1,213,236 annual pre-tax profit in the year 2005. Many of my successful buy here, pay here dealer clients make this kind of profit and more. That being said, some of them have...

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BHPH Underwriting, Scoring, And Static Pool Analysis

Establishing underwriting criteria that maximize sales without compromising the collectability of retail installment contracts has been one of the biggest challenges for buy here, pay here dealers for many years. To make matters worse, the BHPH industry is changing...

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BHPH: Feeding The BHPH Monster

Long before I ever learned about internal rate of return, effective yield, relational databases, static pool analysis, the differences in repo rate and repo frequency, credit score modeling, audited financial statements, agreed-upon procedures audits, and a plethora...

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