Scoring and BHPH Analytics

We build custom-fit scoring models for used-car financing dealerships

AutoZoom builds each custom-fit scoring model applying more than 45 years of BHPH underwriting experience gained from having underwritten $3 Billion dollars plus in BHPH automobile financing originations. We have helped many financing dealerships advance to the next level of underwriting performance and compliance. Let us help you!

  • Step 1 Score All Prospective Customers

    While viewing information on a prospective customer’s bureau and credit application, users click corresponding items on an AutoZoom scoresheet to produce scores and values that guide them in their efforts to match credit-risk with appropriate financial-risk in under one minute.

  • Step 2 Enter Repossessed Account Info

    Once a vehicle is repossessed or a customer account is written off, users can key a few deal-specific details into AutoZoom in under two minutes.

  • Step 3 View Resulting Analytics

    Users are able to navigate hours on end through many data grids, reports, charts and exports generated utilizing the data from steps 1 and 2, allowing users to discover which underwriting efforts produce the best results in specific portfolios.

Underwriters armed with a custom-fit AutoZoom scoring model are better able to identify career credit abusers. Without involving upper-management, underwriters are also better equipped to extend credit with their dealer’s confidence to more customers contending with stability issues and limited resources. Most importantly, underwriters are able to skillfully increase sales by approving credit on higher sale priced vehicles with
competitive lower down-payment requirements.

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  • FAQ

    What exactly is AutoZoom's product or service?
    AutoZoom is a web-based predictive underwriting system designed to assist you with the underwriting and analysis challenges of the buy-here pay-here industry. AutoZoom has created a number of Scoring Models specifically for the sub-standard credit (buy-here pay-here) industry. AutoZoom includes management tools which utilize dashboards, charting, and exporting features to present data related to underwriting, sales, repossessions and associated cash-on-cash gains and/or losses in a very user friendly interface. Additionally, AutoZoom clients are able to issue Adverse Action Letters systematically when credit is declined.
    I already have underwriting guidelines. How is AutoZoom different?
    AutoZoom is only different in the way it applies number values to standard buy-here pay-here underwriting criteria, allowing those values to be used to make more precise and consistent underwriting decisions. AutoZoom is based on more than forty years of buy-here pay-here underwriting experience. Since buy-here pay-here underwriters typically do not use, or capture, numeric values with their credit decisions, they can know their underwriting produces good or bad results, but not why or how to improve their underwriting.
    Does AutoZoom's Predictive Underwriting make decisions for me?
    No. You are in control. AutoZoom simply provides you with numeric indicators that allow you to see more clearly the strengths and weaknesses of each prospective customer and deal structure. Someone will still need to make the final decision on each deal. Typically, upper management in your company will establish minimum AutoZoom numeric benchmarks. Underwriters then use those for approval, eliminating the need for upper management to be involved in every decision.
    Can AutoZoom help me if I am just getting started in the BHPH business?
    Yes. Any company that chooses to use AutoZoom at start-up will avoid the losses traditionally associated with the learning curve of the BHPH underwriting and deal approval process.
    How can AutoZoom help me in my business if I already consider myself a BHPH expert?
    AutoZoom has found that, regardless of level of expertise, all companies can benefit from using AutoZoom. Our larger clients have more than dozens of BHPH lots.
  • Testimonials

    • AutoZoom is by far the leader in scoring systems for BHPH. We have seen countless dealers utilize this program to help in the underwriting process. It is really the only one that provides consistent results that you can use to assist in making good underwriting decisions. We recommend AutoZoom for BHPH dealers.
    • I love AutoZoom  - a Great tool in our Biz! Specifically, it helps us identify the very weak deals (get rid of them) and the very strong deals (go after them). The experience and wisdom that's built into AutoZoom is Amazing!
      • Bill Grubbs, Underwriter
      • 4 Locations
      • 6 Years
      • Texas
    • We use it daily as a tool to determine which customer's get a loan with our company. I am especially impressed with the "new" AutoZoom FLX easy-to-read charts and graphs. It is now extremely easy to analyze our past loan portfolio performance, as well as, to predict our future profits and losses! Our underwriters will continue to use AutoZoom FLX daily as a tool to determine which customer's do or don’t get a loan with us.
      • Mark Jones, General Manager
      • 7 Locations
      • 41 Years
      • Texas
    • Properly used, AutoZoom is the best BHPH scoring system I have seen in my 25 years of experience and the analytical tools are AWESOME!!
      • Bob Okeley, Owner
      • 5 Locations
      • 25 Years
      • Indiana
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